Ballad Queen Park Ji Yoon Makes Her Comeback and Reaches #1 on OST Charts

Park Jiyoon’s OST for her current drama, “Goodbye Dear Wife” topped the OST charts and reached number one.

On May 14, Park Jiyoon’s ballad single, “We Erase it All,” rose to the top of the MNet OST chart, beating out SNSD’s Taeyeon’s “I Miss You Like Crazy.”  Taeyeon’s single was on the charts for a straight 47 days until “We Erase it All” rose to number one.

For this song, singer Park Jiyoon shed her “indie-artist” image and returned as a powerful ballad queen. Fans remarked how they were waiting for a ballad-style song from the singer-actress. 

“We Erase it All” follows Kim Jo Han’s single, “Curse,” from the “Goodbye Dear Wife” OST. Park Jiyoon’s song is the theme song for when her character is re-connected with her first love, played by actor Ryu Shi Won.  

Check out the song below:

Park Jiyoon recording for the

Park Jiyoon – Goodbye Dear Wife OST