Goo Hye Sun – Will the Real Geum Jan Di Please Stand Up

On May 16, Goo Hye Sun tweeted a picture of herself with the caption, “Took a shot with this banner placed up at school. A little bit embarrassed!”

In the image, Goo Hye Sun is crouching beside the banner that reads, “Geum Jan Di is Jumping Like Crazy.” She took the picture in reference to her role in 2009 as Geum Jan Di in the Asia-wide hit, “Boys Over Flowers.”

In the image, Goo Hye Sun is wearing a baseball cap and giving the peace sign. As usual, she looks effortlessly beautiful. 

Upon viewing the image, netizens commented, “She’s a celebrity but she’s taking a picture like that. She’s amazing!” and, “Is this the students of the school trying to show her that they are aware [that she is a celebrity student]?”

Goo Hye Sun