G.NA’s New Album Jacket Photo Revealed

G.NA revealed her new album jacket photo for her third mini album “Bloom.” The album jacket was revealed on May 16 through her agency. The title song is called “Too Hot.” In the photo, G.NA is seen wearing a sophisticated black one piece swimsuit showing off her glamorous figure. Her stance is seductive, but she wears lace socks with white shoes.

Her teaser photo for “Too Hot” showed off her slim back form, having audiences wondering what her upcoming comeback will be like.

“Too Hot” was composed by Kim Do Hoon and Lee Hyun Seung, and is reminiscent of a musical song with brass sounds and a rhythmic melody. A Cube Entertainment representative said, “G.Na will be able to show off her sexiness through this title song, and is anticipated to show herself at the peak of performance.”

G.NA’s third mini album “Bloom” will be released on May 22, so be sure to check it out on Soompi’s music charts soon!