Park Shi Hoo to Promote "Princess’ Man" Before its Japanese Broadcast

Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won’s historical drama “Princess’ Man” will begin airing on Japanese television! The drama will begin airing on an NHK BS premium channel beginning in July. For promotional purposes, Park Shi Hoo will visit Japan in early June. Park Shi Hoo had held a Japanese fan meeting tour since the end of March.

For the “Princess’ Man” promotions, Park Shi Hoo will appear on NHK programs, do interviews, and hold press conferences.

The “Princess’ Man” is a historical drama that began airing on KBS from July 20, 2011. The drama is the love story of King Sejo’s daughter “Lee Se Ryung” and King Sejo’s opponent’s son “Kim Seung Yoo.” When the show broadcast in South Korea, the viewership rating reached 25%. Anticipation is high that the drama will also be successful in Japan.