B.A.P.’s Zelo Wants to Stop Growing

B.A.P.’S maknae Zelo is attracting attention for a comment he made during a Japanese interview. On the most recent edition of Senkai Sports’ weekly hallyu magazine, Zelo was quoted, “I wish I would stop growing,” surprising netizens. At the time his official profile was created, he was 182 cm (5’11.7”)tall. However, Zelo revealed that he’s still growing and that he’s 183 cm (6’0.5”) now. At only 15, it’s highly likely that he will continue to grow. 

Zelo continued, “Doctors have told me that my growth plates are still open. Honestly, I’m actually a little excited [to be growing] because I’ll be able to express myself more if I’m taller.”

Netizens commented, “Sigh, I wish I could worry about growing,” “Zelo should add his name to the ‘celebs who made thoughtless remarks’ list, with that comment, lol,” “He’s so tall,” and more. Meanwhile, B.A.P. is busy promoting “Power.”

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