Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Foretells Comedian Jung Hyung Don’s Twins

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica has clairvoyant gifts? Local news agencies picked up on a series of screen captures from 2010, currently circulating various online community boards. The screen captures, titled “Jessica foretells Jung Hyung Don’s twins” were taken from the May 31, 2010 broadcast of KBS2 TV’s “Happy Birthday.”

At that time, both Jessica and comedian Jung Hyung Don were guests on the show. The comedian, known for his stints in “Infinity Challenge” and “We Got Married,” was then a newlywed of eight months.

“It’s said that upon marriage, the wife should bear three sons,” one of their fellow guests was said to have declared. “So, quickly, make sons,” the guest told Jung Hyung Don, who blushed in embarrassment.

Jessica was then heard interjecting quietly, “Please bear twins. Twins.” To which the comedian smilingly replied, “I’ll try.”

Jessica’s remark turned into a hot topic again recently with the announcement of Jung Hyung Don’s wife now in the family way. His agency released a statement on May 16, stating, “Jung Hyung Don’s wife Han Yoo Ra is seven weeks pregnant and the couple are expecting twins.”

Netizens who happened upon the screen captures reacted with “Going back to that broadcast with Jessica talking about twins gives me goosebumps,” “Jessica prophesied about Jung Hyung Don’s twins,” “Jessica’s hit a prophetic jackpot with predicting Jung Hyung Don’s twins,” and such comments.