Man Indicted for Trying to Blackmail Lee Byung Hun

Recently an Individual, whose last name is “Jang”, was indicted for trying to blackmail Lee Byung Hun. Jang threatened Lee Byung Hun, saying that Jang would reveal the private life about Lee Byung Hun’s past girlfriend. Jang was indicted without detention by the Prosecutor’s office.

Jang learned about Lee Byung Hun’s ex-girlfriend and her grievances about Lee Byung Hun in October of 2009. Jang stated that he/she had evidence about an abortion. Jang demanded money from Lee Byung Hun and the people around him, or else he would send the evidence to the courts.

A representative of Lee Byung Hun stated on May 17, “Jang was outside of South Korea and it was difficult for the investigations to proceed. The fact that Jang is now indicted proves how unfair it was to Lee Byung Hun.”

The representative continued, “Although Jang has not received punishment yet, Lee Byung Hun’s testimony is being confirmed.”