JYJ’s Jaejoong Receives a Record High Number of Rice Wreaths

We reported before about Kara receiving “Rice Wreaths.” (For celebrations or other events, Koreans give each other large flower wreaths. But, since these are usually disposed of after the event, a new trend has arisen of giving “rice wreaths.” Basically sacks of rice are given which can then be used for charity, or by the recipient.)

JYJ’s Jaejoong set a record for the amount of “Rice Wreaths” received. On May 17 a press conference for “Time Slip, Doctor Jin” was held, and “Rice Wreaths” from 31 different countries filled up the press conference entrance. The amount of rice that was gifted reached 23.68 tons. This is nearly two times the amount of the largest number of “Rice Wreaths” given to a celebrity.

“Time Slip, Doctor Jin” will be JYJ Jaejoong’s first try at a historical drama.