BoA’s Secret Tattoo Surprises Fans

BoA showed a part of her hidden tattoo in a recent tweet. On May 17, BoA tweeted a photo of her back with the message, “Kiss me.”

In the photo, BoA is seen wearing an oversized shirt with the words “Kiss me” written on the back of it. But what really sparked the interest of the netizens was the slightly exposed tattoo. In between her pink shirt and black tank top, you can see a small portion of her tattoo, which wasn’t really made public in the past. With her hair rolled up and the “kiss me” phrase on her back, the photo gives a sexy image that BoA has increasingly been able to showcase in recent photos.

Netizens commented, “That little tattoo is actually very hot,” “Can I please kiss you?” and “Wow, I never really expected BoA to have a tattoo.”