Mnet M! Countdown - May 17, 2012

Girl’s Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo and their “Twinkle” managed to snag Song of the Week for the second week in a row tonight, beating SISTAR and “Superstar K3″ winner Ulala Session.

One of the most anticipated comebacks for the night was Infinite‘s with their latest title track “The Chaser,” but that wasn’t the night’s only big comeback as Dalmatian also took the stage with their new single “E.R.” Big names like Baek Ji Young and J.Y Park was also among the comebacks. Junhyung from B2ST shared a sexy stage with Baek Ji Young, while Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls was as stunning as ever singing her duet with J.Y.P

Performances tonight include: Mighty Mouth, Dalmatian, Hello Venus, SISTAR, B.A.P, A Pink, 4Minute, Electroboyz, Aurora, She’z, Rythm Power, Ulala Session, and Baek Ji young.

Song of the week:

TaeTiSeo “Twinkle”

Infinite “Only Tears” and “The Chaser”

Dalmatian “E.R”

J.Y Park “You’re the one” and “Somebdy Else”

Baek Ji Young “Voice” and “Good Boy” (feat. Junhyung from B2ST)

B.A.P “Power”

Sistar “Alone”

Hello Venus “Venus”

APink “Hush”

Mighty Mouth “Bad Boy” (feat. Soya)

4Minute “Volume Up!”

Video credit: chiehchiehl/tanh nam @yt

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