Secret’s Zinger Shows Off Her 19 Inch Waistline

A picture of Secret‘s Zinger showing off her skinny waist has stirred up fans.

Zinger recently posted a photo with a comment, “Celebrating for summer a bit early! Haha. The weather is perfect,” on her Twitter.

She showed off her 19 inch waistline with an untouched photo. She’s always had a chubby image, but not anymore! Her figure showed her flat stomach and it’s making people doubt their eyes. Secret recently signed a contract to become a model for the water park, “California Beach” and they shot a CF from May 16 to 17.

Netizens reacted, “Secret members have definitely changed,” “Even Zinger lost weight… I’m so jealous,” “That waistline is 19 inches.”

In other news, Secret is planning to release a new album in June.