Photos of Jessica’s Chungdam-dong Villa Circulate the Net

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica’s Chungdam-dong villa was revealed, and it’s garnering a lot of netizen’s interest. Recently, on an online community site, a post titled, “This is supposed to be Jessica’s Chungdam-dong house,” was uploaded. It showed detail images of exterior and interior of a luxurious villa located in Gangnam Chungdam-dong.

The villa revealed in the photo has a very neat white-tone exterior and an interior that give an antique feel and it stands out. The explanation in the photo says, “There’s a park and a fountain in the complex, and the market price is about a couple million dollars.” and “The house fits Jessica’s goddess image.”

Netizens who saw the photo of the villa reacted, “She’s successful at such a young age, and living in a great house,” “I want to know the exact price of the villa,” “I envy Jessica’s neighbors,” “It looks cozy and luxurious.”