Hwang Jung Eum Glows with Bushy Hair and Minimal Makeup

Hwang Jung Eum displayed a new and fresh part of her in a recent photo shoot for “Allure” magazine. Hwang Jung Eum’s trademark is her bright, healthy and innocent personality. But instead of her clear and bright smile, Hwang Jung Eum exhibited a mysterious and alluring charm as she posed in a forest.

The photo shoot was also paired with an interview where Hwang Jung Eum revealed her love for makeup and shopping, as well as her own personal stories on dating and relationships. She also spoke of her recent trip to Hawaii as well.

Hwang Jung Eum’s makeup for this pictorial is different than her usual style. Instead of wearing eyeliner, her eyelids are swept with pastel colored eye shadows that create an innocent, fairy-like image. 

Hwang Jung Eum also spoke of her new upcoming dramas, “Full House 2” and “Golden Time.”