Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Expresses Her True Feelings about "Ice Princess" Image

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica guested on yesterday’s episode of tvN’sTaxi,” marking her first solo variety show appearance since her debut. Dressed in a beautiful hot pink blouse, she broke her ice princess image and replaced it with a cute, bubbly girl.

During the episode, Jessica revealed her true feelings about her nickname and image as “ice princess.” She started, “I don’t really like talking about it much. I can’t seem to get it straight myself. That’s why I felt uncomfortable appearing in variety shows.” Jessica continued, “I’m frequently described as ‘chic,’ but I think people say that based on my appearance only. Some people also say that I’m a heodang (term used to describe someone who seems perfect, but actually isn’t; can also mean clumsy and clueless). A lot of people think I don’t have any concerns or worries, but that’s not it. I actually think about them a lot.”

Jessica also showed off her aegyo, adorably saying “Ah ing~~” whenever she was embarrassed or nervous. Meanwhile, Super Junior’s Sungmin and f(x)’s Luna made surprise guest appearances on the show.