Lim Soo Jung Goes Funky for "First Look" Magazine

Actress Lim Soo Jung temporarily shed her usual elegant image in a fun and funky photo spread for “First Look” magazine. Photos from the shoot show the actress in a messy hairstyle and loud accessories, giving off a 4D feel. It was a departure from the refined way she is typically portrayed.


Local news agencies quote an official of the photo shoot saying, “Lim Soo Jung went 180 degrees from her existing pure and elegant image to come out with various facial expressions and bring forth the mood of this photo shoot. She was able to portray the concept very well.” The official further praised her, saying, “It’s impossible to know how talented she is.”

Netizens who have seen the pictorial commented with “The owner of a unique charm,” “Lim Soo Jung is really attractive,” and such reactions.