Wonder Girls’ Funky Outfits and Crab Leg Dance

Wonder Girls were recently caught doing the crab leg dance and is gaining much attention. It is being said that the dance will be in the music video for their new album. On May 18, on various online community boards, many photos were uploaded with the title, “Wonder Girls’ Crab Leg Dance.”

In the pictures, Wonder Girls are wearing outfits that are all different and funky. However, the dance was what caught people’s attention. Wonder Girls are doing an unusual dance move that sort of looks like the crab leg dance. Also, another eye-catcher was Yeeun’s and Hyelim’s unique, new hairstyles. Yeeun now has short, blonde hair while Hyelim has her tips colored green.

Netizens who saw Wonder Girls’ crab leg dance said, “Finally, the Wonder Girls are coming back,” and “Do you really think the Wonder Girls would do the crab leg dance?”