Son Ye Jin in Maldives

Actress Son Ye Jin posed on a beautiful beach in Maldives for a recent fashion photo shoot for Cosmopolitan.

In one of the images, the actress is wearing a simple top and shorts, with her slightly beach wavy hair in an up-do.  In another image, Son Ye Jin’s hair is styled down and wavy and the actress is looking seductively into the camera.

The staff at the photo shoot expressed that they were all in admiration of Son Ye Jin’s sexy figure and poses. 

Opting for a more natural and beach-loving style and concept, she wore a bikini under her outfits.  In one outfit, she is wearing a white silky knit on top with just her bikini shorts on bottom.  The actress looks natural in the images and seems to be enjoying the sun and sand.

You can catch the photo spread of the actress in June’s Cosmopolitan Korea

Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin for Cosmopolitan