Song Hye Gyo’s ‘Different’ Figure?

According to recent reports from Hong Kong news outlets, Song Hye Gyo was captured looking rather different. The picture that surfaced has the actress looking rather frumpy in a t-shirt and tiny shorts.

Many commented that she had put on some weight and that her shorts looked too tight on her. 

With this too-casual image of the actress surfacing online, many commented that she had lost some of her goddess-like figure and style. However, other recent pictures of the actress show her looking radiant and healthy. All in all, the actress looks comfortable in her own skin and still looks beautiful.

Netizens that viewed the image commented, “Even though she gained weight, she’s still pretty,” “That’s not chubby!”, “I like how she looks so comfortable,” and “Song Hye Gyo is still a goddess.”

Song Hye Gyo is currently in Hong Kong to work on a new advertisement campaign. 

Song Hye GyoSong Hye Gyo