New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 May Week 3

G.NA mini-album Vol. 3 – Bloom (May 22)

01 Green Light( feat. Park Jae Bum)
02 2Hot

03 Summer Star
04 Oppa, Dongseng (feat. Sangchu)
05 Forget It
06 I’ll Back Off So Live Well (feat. Yong Jun Hyung) (English Version)
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G.Na who has become a hot icon with hit songs such as “Black and White” and “Top Girl” has returned this year with her third mini-album titled, “Bloom.” This time around, the singer has participated in composing and penning some of the songs in the album, upgrading one notch as a female artist. The title track this time around is “2Hot,” a bokdo dance electronica number co-composed by hit makers Kim Do Hun and Lee Hyun Seung and penned by lyricist Cho Gap Won. Other noteworthy tracks are “Green Light” a hip-hop number featuring Park Jae Bum and ballad number “Summer Star.”


Baek Ji Young – Good Boy (released)
External from soompi image
01 Good Boy (feat. Yong Jun Hyung of B2ST)

02 Voice (feat. Gaeri of Leessang)
03 Today More Than Yesterday
04 Good Boy (Acoustic Version)
05 Voice (Only Song)
06 Good Boy INST
07 Voice INST
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Ballad queen, Baek Ji Young comes before fans this time around with a dance album titled, “Good Boy.” It’s been three years since her last dance track release, titled, “Ear Candy.” The title track this time around is “Good Boy,” a funky dance number featuring B2ST member, Yong Jun Hyung. Also included in the album is “Voice” a medium-tempo R&UB number which was previously released as a digital single. It features Gaeri of Leessang.


Heo Young Saeng mini-album Vol. 2 – Solo (May 22)

01 Intimidated
02 Crying

03 Maria (Tear Tree)
04 Hello Mello (Only Love)
05Crying INST
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SS501’s lead vocal, Heo Young Saeng makes a comeback with his second mini-album titled, “Solo.” It’s been a year since his first solo album, “Let It Go.” The title track is “Crying,” a medium-tempo pop R&B track composed by Steve Lee, who has written other songs such as SS501’s “Love Like This” and “Love Ya.” The singer himself is responsible for penning the lyrics to this song.


2PM – Member’s Selection (May 21)

01 10 Out of 10
02 Only You
03 Again and Again
04 Hate You
05 Might Come back
06 Hearbeat
07 Getting Tired While Waiting
08 Gimme the Light
09 Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
10 Without U
11 I’ll Be Back
12 I Can’t
13 Hands Up
14 Give It To Me
15 Hot
16 Thank You
17 Alive (Junsu) –Special Track
18 Move On (Junho, Wooyoung) – Special Track
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2PM releases a best album this month titled, “Member’s Selection.” This album consists of sixteen hit songs the members personally selected as their best hits since their debut. Hits include “10 out of 10,” “Only You,” “Again & Again,” and “Heartbeat.” Also included in the album are Junsu’s solo number, “Alive” as well as Woo Young and Junho’s duet number, “Move On.”


Leessang Vol. 8 – Unplugged (May 24)

(Track list not yet released)
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Hip-hop duo, Leessang returns with their eighth studio album titled, “Unplugged,” marking their ten years in the music business. The duo spent about three years producing this album. The members have worked with various people to create vintage music. Before the album release, Leessang pre-released a single titled, “Shaking Modesty.” It has bokgo dance sounds popular in the 60’s and 70’s.


Ulala Session – Ulala Sensation Part 2 (released)

01 Used It All

02 Dynamite (feat. Yoon Mirae)
03 Wedding Singer
04 I’m Happy
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Ulala Session releases part two of their long awaited debut album titled, “Ulala Sensation.” Part two shows yet a different charm from part one as shown through the title track, “Used It All.” It is a ballad number composed by Yoon Myung Sun. It tells a tale of a man’s sad love story. Another track worth mentioning is “Dynamite,” an electro synth pop number featuring female rapper, T Yoon Mirae.


JJ Project 1st album – Bounce (May 21)

01 Bounce

02 Hooked
03 Before the Song Ends (feat. Suzy)
04 Bounce INST
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JYP’s latest duo, JJ Project makes their debut with their first mini-album, “Bounce.” Listeners will be able to experience overflowing energy from this group.


Cho Young Soo All Star: 2BIC/Davichi (single)

01 If It Was a Night Like Tonight

02 If It Was a Night Like Tonight INST

Rookie group, 2BIC and female duo, Davichi have come together for Cho Young Soo’s latest single titled, “If It Was a Night Like Tonight.” This song is of the Miami hip-hop genre mixed with neo soul sounds. The beautiful pop melody is perfect with the lyrics of the song.


Kim Bum Soo (single) – Rock Star (released)
01 Rock Star

Kim Bum Soon returns after eleven months with a new single, “Rock Star.” As the title of the song suggests, it is of the rock and roll genre. With exciting swing rhythms and piano and brass accompaniment, this song is expected to garner much interest from listeners.


Other Releases
Cuba – Curopa (May 22)
Lee Eun Mi – You’re Beautiful (May 22)
Tritops – Sweetholic (Mini-Album Vol.1) (May 24)
Party Maker – Vol. 1 Get It Down (May 24)
Fashion King OST (May 24)
Gangkiz – We Became Gang (May 24)

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