What if miss A’s Suzy Were Bald?

What would miss A’s Suzy look like if she were bald. On the most recent episode of “Invincible Youth 2” aired on May 19, a virtual photo of miss A being bald was shown and quickly grabbed the attention of viewers.

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On this episode, the members of G6 (Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and Hyoyeon, miss A’s Suzy, Kara’s Kang Jiyoung, SISTAR’s Bora, Jewelry’s Yewon) invited guests and had a samgyupsal (grilled pork) party.

During a quiz section, Suzy was playing with her dad and when the phrase “shaving your head,” came up, Suzy explained it to her dad as something she wanted to do before she died. When didn’t seem to catch on, Suzy elaborated and said “It’s when you don’t have hair. It’s something you do at a hair salon.” She even imitated a monk, but ultimately, her dad was unable guess the correct answer.

After the quiz, Kim Shin Young asked, “Why is shaving your head one of the things you want to do before you die?” Suzy answered, “I just what to try it.” The producers of the show then graphically created a virtual image of Suzy being bald.