Big Bang to Release Special Edition Album "Still Alive" on June 3

Through YG Life, YG Entertainment announced that Big Bang would be releasing a new special edition album titled “Still Alive” on June 3.

The track-list contains: Still Alive, Monster (The Title Song), Feeling, Badboy, Blue, Bingle Bingle, Ego, and Love Dust.

That is a total of 9 songs. Although this album is a special edition nearly half of the songs are new. A representative of YG stated, “This album is a special one that Big Bang has prepared for the fans that have given them much love and cheers. Among the songs, ‘Monster’ will be a song that has a completely different atmosphere from their previous ones.”

They continued, “Big Bang will collaborate with ‘Hyundai Card’ to make a blockbuster music video for ‘Monster.’”