YG Had Stroke Symptoms and Fear of Death After Daesung’s Accident and G-Dragon’s Marijuana Incident

SBSHealing Camp” has now established as the replacement of “Golden Fishery” if not a show that has moved beyond its predecessor. The lineup of its guests is nothing short of extraordinary and the types of confessions that occur on the show are always fascinating.

Finally through the episode that will broadcast on May 21, we get a glimpse of what it was like for YG when his agency’s main idol group Big Bang fell into a crisis. (The crisis meaning Daesung’s car accident, and G-Dragon’s marijuana incident)

YG stated, “I never really expressed it but it was an emotionally difficult time. I doubt that I had a more difficult time when that happened.” He revealed that because of the shock he had stroke symptoms and also felt the fear of death. YG also stated, “Every morning and dinner I still take medication.”