"Secret Garden’s" Kim Sarang Reveals Secret to Perfect Figure: "Don’t Eat and…"

“Secret Garden’s” Kim Sarang shared her secrets to her perfect figure. While she’s busy challenging herself with the musical “GODSPELL,” Kim Sarang recently shot a stunning pictorial for the June issue “Elle” magazine. During the interview that followed the shoot, Kim Sarang revealed, “There was once a time when I said that I don’t like hanging out with people. However, I’ve had so much fun practicing and working with fellow actors while preparing for this musical.” She continued, “I’ve always wanted to try a musical, and now that I have, I’ve been extremely happy every day.

Kim Sarang has always been well known and loved for her figure. When asked how she maintained her beauty over the past thirteen years, she replied, “I enjoy pilates and put a lot of effort into my body everyday. I also don’t eat a lot.” Kim Sarang jokingly added, “Ultimately, you have to live your life without any energy.”