Secret Hyosung’s Post-Diet Figure Wows Fans

Secret’s Hyosung, who reportedly went under a diet and dropped 5 kgs in March, revealed her stunning busty figure in a recent photo.

Hyosung’s poolside photo was posted on an online community board recently. The photo, snapped during Secret’s commercial for a swimming amusement park, shows Hyosung in white shorts and a blue tank top. But what really caught the attention of many fans was her busty figure and curvy waistline, as there have been concerns of Hyosung losing her trademark sexy figure following the reported diet.

Netizens commented, “Did she really go through a diet?” “Hyosung doesn’t need a diet, she needs to add more juice,” and “She’s by far the hottest Korean celebrity I’ve ever seen.”

Meanwhile, Secret is preparing for a comeback in June.