BEAST Hyunseung’s Sagging Pants Accused of Imitating Justin Bieber

BEAST’s Hyunseung has been gaining attention recently for his baggy pants that is being called a “Justin Bieber imitation.”

Recently, photos of Hyunseung and Justin Bieber under the title “Jang Hyunseung’s underwear revealing fashion” have been posted on various online communities. In the photo, you can see Hyunseung’s sagging pants and the top part of his boxer exposed.

By comparing his look to Justin Bieber, who’s known for his style of wearing pants way below his butt area, netizens are accusing Hyunseung of trying too hard to follow Bieber. Bieber, just like Hyunseung, has often worn sagging pants, and it’s almost come to represent his fashion style.

Netizens commented, “Honestly, it’s just embarrassing,” “Hyunseung’s a Justin Bieber copy cat,” and “I’m afraid his butt crack might show up.”