Girls’ Generation Seohyun Becomes First Contestant to Win It All on "100 Million Quiz Show"

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun became the first contestant on the quiz show, “100 Million Quiz Show” to get a perfect score.

On the episode of “100 Million Quiz Show” that aired on May 18, Seohyun guest starred and surprised everyone by receiving a perfect score.

Seohyun, who has a strong model student and bookworm image, was not only able to answer each question but to explain each answer in a detailed manner. Seohyun was able to steadily answer each question and was able to rise to the final round. Her final question was, “What decides the color of an eggshell?”

With 40,000 dollars and a car on line, Seohyun explained “There are different races and colors of people too. Just because an Asian person drinks white milk, doesn’t mean they will produce a white person.” With that, she chose answer number 1, which was “It depends on the color of the female chicken.”

This correct answer made Seohyun into the MVP for being the first person to achieve a perfect score. MC Kim Yong Man stated, “This is the first time this ever happened.”

Netizens who caught this episode commented, “She has read so many books so she is filled with knowledge too,” “She was number 1 on ‘Music Bank‘ and she is the MVP for this show as well,” “She is too smart to be in Girls’ Generation,” “Hyoyeon is number 1 with dance and Seohyun got a perfect score – Girls’ Generation is on fire,” “A smart maknae,” and many more.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon recently got the number 1 spot on “Dancing With The Stars 2.”