Rookie Singer Juniel Releases Music Video for "Fool" Featuring CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa

After releasing a teaser a few days ago, rookie female singer Juniel has released the music video for her debut track, “Fool” featuring CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa.

“Fool” was written and produced by Jung Yong Hwa himself, which is one of the reasons why Juniel has been gaining so much media attention. “Fool” is a duet with Juniel and Jung Yong Hwa and Juniel’s clear and pure voice is well emphasized through the melody.

The song is a perfect, feel-good spring/summer song that highlights Juniel and Jung Yong Hwa’s sweet and loveable voices. Both of the artists also display solo guitar parts during the song, which also leaves quite an impression.

Juniel is also garnering attention for being one of the youngest female solo artists at the moment (19 years old in Korean age). She will make her official debut in June as part of FNC Entertainment, home to CN Blue and FT Island.