ZE:A’s Kwang Hee Got Slapped by Girlfriend and Gifted Perfume to a Female Celeb

ZE:A‘s Kwang Hee revealed two interesting stories about his love life through MBC‘s “Come to Play” on May 21.

The first story was about how he was slapped by his past girlfriend. He said, “I once read in a book that when you fight with your girlfriend, you should not say anything and just tightly hug her.” He continued, “So when I got into a fight with my girlfriend, I didn’t say anything and wrapped her in a bear hug. But she said, ‘What is this?’ and slapped me across the cheek,” making the studio roar in laughter.

The second story was about his one-sided love for a celebrity. Although he is currently an idol star, he was very open about his feelings and surprised the studio.

He said, “I dream of a love like those in the movies. I did express my feelings romantically to a female celebrity that I liked even though I knew it could never happen.” The celebrity that he liked was on the same airplane as him, so he gave the flight attendant the gift, who gave it to her. He gifted her perfume. (How romantic!)

However, because Kwang Hee lacked dating “skills,” their relationship was never furthered afterwards. Watch the complete episode to find out more juicy details!