Leessang to Release New Single “My Love” on May 23

Leessang will release the second song of their eighth album “My Love.” (Korean title reads, “I Learn From You”) According to Leessang’s entertainment agency Jungle Entertainment, Leessang will release the single through music websites. Their eighth album is titled “Unplugged.” The first song that was released from the album was “Modesty Is Hard.”

“My Love” is a song about an individual learning love through the love he receives from his female lover. The background has a jazzy groove with a romantic melody. The sound is very dramatic.

On May 25, Leessang will release their title single “Someday” and their entire album. Jungle Entertainment stated, “Leessang’s album took three years to produce and is very high quality. Leessang will show true unplugged sound and ‘Leessang’s Ghost Troupe.’”