Park Yoochun Expresses Feelings on Final Filming for "Rooftop Prince"

Park Yoochun expressed his feelings on nearing the end of “Rooftop Prince.” He tweeted on May 22, “There are only a few days left of filming. These days will feel the longest and pass by evermore quickly. ‘Rooftop Prince’ is a project that gave me pain and also happiness… it helped made me stronger.”

Netizens that came across the tweet stated, “Aren’t there two episodes left before the finale?” “Now I won’t be able to see Lee Gak Sae anymore?” “Fighting for the remaining filming,” “There isn’t much filing left,” and “I guess this was a meaningful project for Yoochun.”

Lee Tae Sung who plays the antagonist of “Rooftop Prince” replied to the tweet stating, “Let’s pull a ‘Rooftop Prince’ all-nighter, I pick you as the person that has pulled the best all-nighter of the drama. There isn’t much left. Fighting, let’s pull an all-nighter prince.”

“Rooftop Prince” will have its final episode on May 24.