“Love Rain” Episode 18 Preview

Check out the preview for tonight’s episode below!

Baek Hye Jung: Marry Miho.
Seo Joon:
Baek Hye Jung: Stay away from our Joon.
Jung Hana: I’m sorry.
Seo Joon: Come on. Let’s go.
Baek Hye Jung: Joon!
Lee Miho: I’m going to stop Joon oppa, whatever it takes.
Lee Sun Ho: You mean she’s going blind? Are you sure?
Lee Dong Wook: Can’t you let In Ha know this time?
Baek Hye Jung: If it weren’t for Yoon Hee, I would have given them my blessings.
Seo Joon: Dad, there’s something you should know.
Seo Joon: No matter how hard things get, or whatever else happens, let’s not run from it…

Meanwhile, “Love Rain,” starring Jang Geun Suk and YoonA, saw a slight increase in ratings, recording 5.6% (AGB Nielsen) for last night’s episode. KBS will air the eighteenth episode of “Love Rain” tonight, May 22, at 9:55PM KST.