Son Dam Bi’s Sexy Bikini Body Is Hotter Than the Sun

Wow. Son Dam Bi revealed her bikini body before the full-scale summer and it appears like these pictures will be creating heat rays on their own. Currently, Son Dam Bi is modeling for the sports brand “Descente.” The photoshoot was with “Descente” clothes and will appear in the June issue of “Men’s Health.” The concept of the photoshoot was “Summer Beach Training.”

Son Dam Bi who is known to be a sportsaholic really showed off how well she takes care of her body. Her body has S-curves while remaining dangerously thin and she has hard abs. She has the “11” shaped abs! It is being said that her nearly perfect body received much praise from her professional trainer.

As you can see in the picture, some of them give off a beach look while others look like she is working out. It doesn’t seem like she really needs to. What do you think?