Teen Top Reveals a Potential Concept Photo for Comeback Album

A possible photo from Teen Top’s upcoming album was released. On May 22, a photo of Teen Top was revealed to their fans. Upon its release the photo induced curiosity and excitement amongst fans. Theories began to swirl around the photo’s meaning.

Niel wrote, “My heart burns in my chest with passion and hunger which are causing my sleeping artist’s blood to boil. It is alright if my lips are frozen if I am unable to sing! (But really they are paralyzed.)”

The photo that followed the description was quite striking as members Niel, Ricky, and Chunji were seen huddled together under blankets around a guitar. It appeared as though they were beggars singing for their supper.

Ricky added, “Chunji hyung has flowers and flowers around him. Niel hyung has lost his mind, and myself and now hungry and tired.”


Netizens questioned the content of the picture with reactions such as, “Is this Teen Top’s latest concept as a flower group appearance?” and “I believe they are supposed to be Bohemians.”

Teen Top has announced that they will be making a comeback with their third mini-album on May 30. In the five months since their previous release they have been busy preparing for their comeback.

What are your thoughts on Teen Top’s potential new album concept teaser photo?