2PM Taecyeon Tweets: "Surgery Went Well"

Earlier today, 2PM’s Taecyeon reassured his fans that he was recovering well from his recent surgery and that he was discharged from the hospital. On May 22, he tweeted, “Surgery went well, and I am finally leaving the hospital after five days. So many things have happened since [being admitted to the hospital]. My new song, as well as news of Wooyoung’s solo activities, came out.

Netizens commented, “Get well soon Taecyeon,” “No hurries, just make sure you recover,” “We were so worried,” “Hwaiting oppa,” and more.

As reported last week, Taecyeon fractured his humerus while arm wrestling with his fellow 2PM members in Japan. While the surgery went well, it will take at least another month before Taecyeon’s arm is fully recovered. Until then, he will have to wear a cast. However, he expressed his determination about joining his teammates on stage for the upcoming concerts in Japan.