G.NA Broke Up with Boyfriend of 5 Years Because of Her Racy Outfits

G.NA revealed the real reason for breaking up with her boyfriend of five years.

Appearing on the May 21 episode of MBC “Come to Play,” G.NA shared her story with her ex-boyfriend in high school. “I think everyone has their own standard when it comes to racy outfits. I was on the school’s cheerleader squad, and I dated my ex-boyfriend for over five years. But even if I only wore something as simple as skinny jeans and a shirt, he would tell me, ‘Hey, it’s too revealing. Don’t wear that.’”

“As a girl, you have the desire to wear something sexy and a bit revealing at times. But we just had totally different ideas in terms of that. And when that difference gets deeper, it’s just hard to keep up the relationship,” she said.

Whoever her ex-boyfriend is, it’s a pity he missed out on a beauty like G.NA!