U-Kiss’ Dongho’s Fierce New Look for "MAXIM"

U-KissDongho sheds his cute boy image as he transforms into a tough, strong man.

Dongho, U-Kiss’ resident maknae, was chosen as the cover model for men’s magazine “MAXIM.” A rather eye-catching photo of Dongho decorated the June issue’s cover. Along with making the cover an article regarding Dongho’s recent starring role in “Holy Land” was also included.

In the cover image, Dongho is seen sporting wounds all over his face as blood is seeping through his bandage clad hands. The most impressive feature of the photo is the expressive gaze from Dongho’s piercing eyes. Dongho is known for debuting at a young age with the group U-Kiss. In this photo-shoot another side of the young idol is pictured that of an image which exudes strong masculinity.

Lately, Dongho has been working hard to establish himself as an actor along with being a singer. Right now Dongho is starring alongside fellow U-Kiss member Hoon in the TV-movie drama series, “Holy Land.” Dongho plays the part of a student who doesn’t fit in at school and takes up boxing to find his self-worth. In preparation for his latest role, he trained in boxing, taekwondo, judo, wrestling, along with other various martial arts techniques. “Holy Land” began airing in late April.

Those who saw the photo reacted saying, “For the first time a cover boy idol is great,” “It’s so cool to see cute Dongho looks so manly,” and “I look forward to reading Dongho’s interview.”

What are your thoughts on Dongho’s new tough-guy image?