IU: "Boom is Close to My Ideal Man" + "I Dream of Proclaiming My Love on Live TV"

IU has played the “ideal man world cup” game and chose Boom as the winner!

On the most recent episode of “Strong Heart,” which aired on May 22, IU guest starred and played the “ideal man world cup” game. The two finalists were the MC Lee Dong Wook and Boom. Netizens and the other guests alike were surprised at IU’s choice of Boom.

IU said, “I’ve been on a radio program with Boom before and we had this corner called, ‘Baby,’ where we had to act out a scene. It was then where I felt a little rush because of Boom.”

Then, IU was asked, “Who is closer to your ideal man, Lee Dong Wook or Boom?” Then IU answered, “If Boom oppa treats me well, then I like Boom,” which surprised the entire studio.

IU continued to reveal her wishes for dating in the future.

She said, “I want to announce my relationship without my agency knowing, without anyone knowing. It’s my dream to say, ‘I have a boyfriend,’ during live broadcast.”

She continued, “I want to get married when I’m the prettiest and when I’m receiving the most love. When I get married, I think I will stop my activities,” which further surprised the guests even more.