Lee Jae Hoon Sings for "Fashion King" OST

Who knew actor Lee Jae Hoon could also sing? On May 22, his song “Love Like This,” will be uploaded onto music sites everywhere. 

The song is for SBS‘s drama “Fashion King,” where Jae Hoon plays the role of a rich man who leads a large fashion enterprise. Shin Se Kyung, Yoo Ah In, and SNSD‘s Yuri are other main characters. 

A PD who saw Lee Jae Hoon’s singing duet with Shin Se Kyung for an episode on May 14 liked his voice so much that he asked Lee Jae Hoon to sing a soundtrack. His soothing bass voice was perfect for the feeling of the drama.

The PD continued, “His charming voice suits the drama so well. He is going to capture the audience’s heart with the smooth lyrics. The soft orchestra strings and piano instrumentals will really complement his performance.” 
Lee Jae Hoon said, “I wanted to participate in this project if it helps the drama in any way. I hope this song will be serve as a surprise gift for the audience, and I hope they’ll remember it for a while.”