Teen Top Reveals Jacket Image for New Album

Teen Top released the jacket image for their upcoming album “aRtisT.” The album jacket was released on their official website on May 22. “aRtisT” will be released on May 30.

In the album jacket, all the members have very colorful hair. The clothes that they are wearing also have very interesting gradations. The album jacket itself piques the curiosity of people waiting for the upcoming third mini album.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “I think Teen Top is a group that makes you excited each album they release,” “Just like their namesake of being artists, their hair is artistic,” and “I am already anticipating their performances.”

Beginning today on May 23, Teen Top will release three couple teasers that will feature two members each time. They will also release a total of 4 teaser clips. The first couple teaser will be released at 7pm on Teen Top’s official website.