Kim Tae Hee’s Winks Make Hearts Flutter

Actress Kim Tae Hee made men’s hearts flutter with a collection of her winks. Recently, on an online community board, photos were uploaded with the title, “Kim Tae Hee Wink.”

The pictures that were revealed are from various ads and broadcasts that Kim Tae Hee was in. Each picture shows their own unique charm. She makes every wink (Even though they are essentially the same), give off different images. She looks innocent in one while looking sexy and fresh in others, which caught people’s attention. Even with all of that, she captivated the hearts of men with her goddess-like look and her unchanging beauty.

Netizens who saw Kim Tae Hee’s wink photos commented, “A killing wink that outshines a killer smile,” “She even winks pretty,” “Even though I’m a woman also, my heart flutters,” and “Kim Tae Hee looks beautiful no matter what she does.”