A-JAX Invited to Japanese "A-Nation" Music Festival Before Their Debut!

As we reported earlier, DSP Media’s new boy band A-JAX will be opening for Kara during their “KARASIA” tour on May 26-27. Besides this, before their debut, A-JAX also received another big offer to appear on a Japanese music festival!

According to DSP Media on May 23, “A-JAX received an offer to appear on the popular Japanese music festival ‘A-Nation.’ A-JAX will appear as a K-Pop representative rookie group and perform on the first day August 9.

It is a rare occurrence for a group that has not debuted yet to receive a love call of this nature. A-JAX has formally accepted the invitation.

“A-Nation” is a large music festival held in the summer where all the famous artists in Japan make an appearance. This time around, the festival will introduce artists form all around the world. Taiwan’s “Aaron” will perform and so will Japan’s “Breathe.”