[Soompi Shop] T-ara Star Collection Card Box + Chance to Win Costume Worn by T-ara

T-ara fans, I hope you are paying attention because the T-ara item that we will soon have on the Soompi Shop is crazy! The Soompi Shop will sell “T-ara Star Collection Card Boxes” that comes with a free T-ara poster.

The “T-ara Star Collection Card Box” contains 10 packs of cards (6 cards in each pack). The cards will be a random mix of different types. (Normal Cards, Name Rare Cards, Lovely Rare Cards, and Bling Bling Rare Cards) There are also mysterious Shiny Jewel Cards for an awesome event detailed below!

There are only 100 of these awesome boxes for sale, so get yours while supplies last! The boxes will be available for sale beginning on May 25, 11am (KST)

Click Here for the T-ara Star Collection Card Box

There is more, you also have a chance to win an autographed “Tango Costume” and “Bo Peep Bo Peep Costume” worn by the T-ara members! Besides that grand prize, you also have the chance of winning signed and adorable T-ara “Bo Peep Bo Pee” gloves!

Here is a list of the awards:

Diamond Award: T-ara’s Costumes (Jiyeon’s Bo Peep Bo Peep Costume and Eunjung’s Tango Costume) – 2 winners will be chosen

Sapphire Award: T-ara’s Bo Peep Gloves – 4 winners will be chosen

Emerald Award: T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep Props – 3 winners will be chosen

T-ara Award: 10 Packs of T-ara Star Collection Cards – 10 winners will be chosen

How to Join the Event: Look for any of the 7 Shiny Jewel Cards (Event Sweepstakes Coupon) in each pack! Put the Shiny Jewel Cards into an envelope and send it to the address below.

(You can still join the event with only 1 Shiny Jewel Card!)

Event Duration: The envelope must arrive in mail by July 15

Winner Announcement: Winners will be announced at the end of July. The winner will be announced on the Soompi Shop.


Soompi Shop Team

22F, Seoul City Tower Bldg., Namdaemunno-5-ga, Jung-gu

Seoul, South Korea 100-741

When you send in an envelope, please write your name, contact number, home address, and e-mail address! Make sure that it is legible!

*This event is a part of the Global T-ara Star Collection Card Event, there is no guarantee that all the winners will be from the Soompi Shop customers.

*The event prizes will be sent at random.

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