Go So Young Shines in PANDORA Jewelry

Go So Young proved her unchanging beauty with a new endorsement deal. The actress was recently picked as a model for Danish jewelry brand PANDORA. Go So Young also marks a milestone with the brand as it is the first timer PANDORA chose a celebrity spokesperson in South Korea.

Reports also say Go So Young’s reputation as a celebrity of great fashion sense has reached the PANDORA headquarters and became a big factor for her selection to represent the brand. Being a recognized fashionista in Korea, she was included in a list of stars including Hollywood figures that PANDORA selected from. She won over the other candidates for being the most influential and stylish Hallyu icon.

The jewelry brand has also recently released an image from the ad campaign featuring Go So Young. The photo is drawing attention for showing off the actress’ beauty that remains unchanged despite marriage and childbirth. She is married to the A-list actor Jang Dong Gun and mother to their one-year-old son.

The shoot was reportedly supervised by representatives from PANDORA’s Dreshler Denmark headquarters. Local news agencies quoted them as saying, “She is by far the most beautiful model.”

PANDORA Jewelry started in a small workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1982. It has since grown to a worldwide brand present in top jewelry lines in 65 different countries. Its trademark is its pieces created from personalized items that are easy to mix and match.

The summer collection, featuring Go So Young is themed “My story, My design.” The collection offers a wide range of gemstone-embellished charms for personalized touches on self-created jewelry.