2AM’s Seulong Is Hard at Work in College!

What would it be like to go to college with 2AM’s Seulong? A picture was revealed showing Seulong very busy with group homework. Seulong retweeted a tweet of one of his fellow classmates on May 23.

In the picture that Seulong retweeted, Seulong is shown doing his group homework. He is looking at a book with a very serious look.

The conversation that he had with classmates read, “Seulong’s dark circles are becoming longer,” “A hidden camera shot of Seulong preparing for a presentation,” and “Seulong could you calculate the part of price elasticity?”

At this, Seulong replied, “The sense to show that I am actually studying.”

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Seulong studies very hard,” “I can’t believe there is a celebrity that studies so hard. He deserves praise,” and “Seulong studies hard and is good at singing, he can do everything!”