IU Sheds Tears While Reminiscing Trainee Days with SPICA’s Kim Boa

During the May 22 broadcast of SBSStrong Heart,” IU cried while reminiscing about her trainee days with SPICA’s Kim Boa.

Kim Boa started off by saying, “After a rehearsal for Inkigayo while I was walking down IU tapped my bottom.”

IU was asked why she did that, and she replied, “I don’t really cry much, and still haven’t cried when I received an award. However, when Kim Boa unni, who I spent very difficult trainee days with, had her debut, I cried. I was so proud of her, that is why I tapped her bottom.”

Then, IU stated, “It is so moving for me that I am now sitting next to Boa who I have spent trainee days, for such a signature SBS show as ‘Strong Heart.’” After she said that, IU broke into tears and she was joined by Kim Boa who cried as well.