Big Bang and Wonder Girls Plan to Make a Comeback on the Same Day

Two of Korea’s popular idol groups, Big Bang and Wonder Girls, plan to reveal the songs of their upcoming album on the same day.

On June 3, Wonder Girls will reveal their new album and on the following day, the album will be officially released for sell.An aquaintance of JYP Entertainment commented, “Wonder Girls have put a lot of effort into the new album so please show them a lot of support and interest.”It has also been announced that Wonder Girls will be having their very own concert on July 7 at an Indoor Sports Stadium in Jamsil, Seoul – this will be theirfirst solo concert in three years.

Big Bang will also reveal their special album on June 3 and will officially release the album for sell on June 6.According to a representative from YG Entertainment, the new album consists of songs produced by both G-Dragon and Choi Pil Kang such as “Monster” (title song), “Still Alive“, “Feeling“, “Bingeul Bingeul“, and “Ego” in addition to their fifth mini album that featured songs such as”Blue“, “Fantastic Baby“, “Bad Boy“, and “Love Dust“.

This news has garnered a lot of attention, because it is rare in Korea for two prominent idol groups like Big Bang and Wonder Girls to make a comeback on the same day. Even though many see this as a battle between Wonder Girls and Big Bang for the number one spot on the music chart, some also see this as a battle between the CEO’s of JYP and YG Entertainment, Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk.