Su Pearls from SBS “K-Pop Star” to Debut under YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment pulled a shocker on May 23 and announced through its official blog that they will debut Su Pearls, the stunning vocal group from SBS “K-Pop Star,” under their management.

The announcement was made through an image that read, “YG Entertainment introduces the new signees from ‘K-Pop Star’…Revival of the Su Pearls.” Right below the message, there were four names of the Su Pearls members, including Lee Ha Yi, Lee Michelle, Lee Jung Mi, and Lee Seung Joo.

Park Ji Min, however, will not be part of the team, as she signed an agency contract with JYP Entertainment earlier this week. Instead, Lee Ha Yi, the runner-up of “K-Pop Star,” will take Park Ji Min’s spot from the original Su Pearls.

In case you haven’t seen Su Pearls’ performance, make sure you do below!