Infinite Members Find Out Their Popularity Ranking

Infinite‘s members’ ranking by popularity has been revealed.

Recently, Infinite was part of “Ranking King” from Mnet‘s “Wide Celebrity News” that is aired every Wednesday. The show parodied SBS’s “Jjak” in which the members of Infinite were ranked based on popularity. At first, the members did not show signs of interest on the ranking as they were given numbers starting from one to seven, but as soon as they were told that these ranks were chosen by their fans, they panicked and began to take the numbers very seriously.

After the result, Woohyun reacted with joy after being picked number one. On the other hand, Sungjong, who was picked number seven commented, “This is not cool. This proves that I need to work harder for the number one spot.” Hoya, who was also part of the bottom ranks said, “I kind of want to know the reasons behind these ranks.”

Also during the show, members of Infinite were able to reveal their inner feelings toward one another by each picking members who they would hang out and eat lunch with. Sungjong seemed to be the most popular member after being chosen by three members as a member who they would eat lunch with. There was also a member known as “Number Two” in the show who relentlessly chose Sungjong for all the events.