Leeteuk Interrupting Tiffany as Emcee was a Misunderstanding

Leeteuk, member of popular idol group Super Junior, has been criticized by netizens for an incident that happened toward the end of the K-Pop concert in the United States.  Concert staff helps to shed some light on the misunderstanding.

At the end of the “MBC Korean Music Wave in Google” concert all the performers were asked to comeback out on stage to sing, “Arirang.”  When the song had ended, Leeteuk made the closing statement for the ceremony, “Those of us who speak different languages and have different appearances were able to unite as one tonight through music.”  Netizens were quick to acuse the Super Junior leader of stealing the attention away from the show’s emcees. The few unruly netizens felt it should have been the responsibility of Girls’ Genertaion’s Taeyeon and Tiffany to close out the show.

An official with MBC made a statement regarding the mishap, he explained, “My view of the situation is that the criticism stems from some misunderstanding of the goings on. Leeteuk was asked by the director of the concert to wrap-up the live show because he has a lot of experience as an emcee.”

The official continued, “It is completely absurd to think that Leeteuk had interrupted Tiffnay’s job as emcee. Leeteuk came on stage holding a microphone, which in itself signifies it was all planned well in advance.”

Leeteuk took to Twitter to comment on the situation, “After the ending song ‘Arirang’ was sung, I had been asked to close the concert by saying a few words. At this time I would like to express my sincerest apologies if the producer’s request of having me say the closing lines was in bad taste. If this is not the case, I am politely asking you to please not criticize me.”