Seo In Gook Denies Gay Rumors

Singer Seo In Gook cleared up the gay rumors of him and singer Brian.

On the episode of “Radio Star” that aired on May 23, the MCs asked Seo In Gook, “There is a rumor that you and Brian are a gay couple. They say that your song ‘Baby’ was meant for Brian. How do you feel about that?” Then Seo In Gook asnwered, “Brian hates those kinds of rumors.”

Seo In Gook continued, “Brian and singer Eru are pretty close too so Eru goes over to his house a lot, which started up some rumors too. So I heard that when Brian had a girlfriend, he would kiss her in the middle of the streets on purpose.”

He continued, “I think only his male friendships are brought up and amplified. Brian even told me that if I get close to him, there will be rumors like this.” 

Then the MCs asked, “Do you like women?” Then Seo In Gook firmly answered, “I can tell you with absolute clarity, I like women,” which made the studio ring with laughter.

Meanwhile, other audition stars from “Superstar K” and “The Great Birth” such as Huh Gak, Son Jin Young and Goo Ja Myung guest starred in this episode.